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Leader in Me is based on a theory of change known as the See-Do-Get Cycle. When you change the way you See things, it influences what you Do and the results you Get.

Instead of focusing on academic measures alone, Leader in Me embodies a holistic approach to education, redefining how schools measure success. This approach empowers educators with effective practices and tools to:

  • teach LEADERSHIP to every student,
  • create a CULTURE of student empowerment,
  • and align systems to drive results in ACADEMICS.
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As we come to a close on our Spring semester and school year, we would like to know a little bit more about where our strengths are, as well as where we need to continue to improve - there's always room for growth! 
Our student survey will help students to have a voice in how they feel about their school/teacher/classroom. (targeted towards 3-6, but K-2 can do this with guidance)
The family survey will help NSE to get a better understanding of your child's tendencies, as well as how satisfied you are with our school, the involvement of families, and your child's education in general. (It is important that we have family voice in our building - so please share!)
These surveys will be available through June 2, 2023. 
(The more results we have, the more accurate our findings will be to help in shaping our world of education for the best, and help us look into what we can do better in the 2023-2024 school year!)
LIM Habit #1 — (Coming Soon)
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