North Side Dress Up Days for the Dino-Mite Book Fair

Monday, February 11- We are “over the (tricera)TOP” excited about our Book Fair.
** Wear Green to represent a herd of triceratops.

Tuesday, February 12- We are ON FIRE for books!
** Wear Red, Yellow, and/ or Orange to honor the first “fire” created by cavemen.

Wednesday, February 13- Taking a bite out of books! OR Books are NEVER out of our reach!
** Wear Brown or Grey to pay homage to the T-Rex.

Thursday, February 14- We’ll stick our necks out for our Book Fair and our volunteers!
** Wear ties, scarves, necklaces, etc. around your necks (Brontosaurus Day).

Friday, February 15- We READ and BLEW this Book Fair AWAY!
 ** Wear Red and Blue!
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