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We at Randolph Eastern School Corporation are excited to transform learning and cultivation of 21st-century skills through technology! At the same time, we join families and community members in meeting the daunting challenges associated with the immersion of such technologies.

RESC Digital Citizenship Vision Statement: Randolph Eastern School Corporation is dedicated to inspiring responsible, ethical, global citizens for a digital world. Randolph Eastern Schools will model digital citizenship and support and engage families to do the same.

The School Corporation has chosen to use Common Sense Media as a foundation for guiding our digital citizenship efforts in both our students and staff. Common Sense Media is a nationally recognized, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. It is a trustworthy, leading resource for both schools and families.

Randolph Eastern School Corporation has been recognized as a Common Sense Media District since 2016. Our staff believes in the importance of digital citizenship so strongly that 98% of our teachers who have been trained and recognized as Common Sense Educators.
CSM3 since2016

For Parents:
Common Sense Media's Parent Portal for access to high-quality resources and information about raising kids in this digital landscape.
Common Sense Media - Parent Portal

Family Toolbox - Filled with resources to empower parents as they raise kids who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and good digital citizens.  The toolbox includes Family Tip Sheets, Digital Glossary, Parent Concerns, Family Media Agreements, and much more!

Randolph Eastern hosts Digital Citizenship Parent Nights throughout the year to foster conversations with parents.
Parent Night, Fall 2017
Parent Night, Spring 2018
Parent Night, Fall 2018
Parent Night, Spring 2019

For Educators: Common Sense Media Educator's Portal for resources to teach about Digital Citizenship, Reviews and Ratings, as well as Certification. 
Common Sense Media - Education Portal