RESC embraces the importance of technology in the educational process. Because of this importance, students in K have devices (tablets and Chromebooks) to use in their classroom, while students in grades 1-12 have devices (Chromebooks) that are checked out to each student.

In all cases, devices are owned by RESC, but students are responsible for proper care of them (ex: treat as if it were your own property, do not let others use it, keep in your possession, charge the device, use/store in a safe environment, etc.) Students are also responsible for following the Acceptable Use Policy as listed in the Student Handbook and return the devices at the end of each school year.

Caring for your device: 

  • Promptly report any problems to the Technology Department.

  • Don't force anything (ex: connections, popped off keys, etc.); seek help instead.

  • When in doubt, ask for help.

  • Do not go outside RESC for repairs.

  • Do not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the device.

Carrying the device:

  • Always completely close the lid before moving.

  • Sleep mode is sufficient - there is little reason to actually shut-down the device other than on an airplane or during extended days of inactivity.

  • Store device in shell or sleeve or case to best protect it.

  • Do not grab or squeeze the device, as this can damage the screen or other components.

  • Do not carry the device by its screen.

Screen care: 

  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth.

  • Never leave any object on the keyboard when closing the lid.

Battery life and charging: 

  • Arrive at school each day with a fully charged battery.

Personal health and safety:

  • Avoid extended use of the device.

  • Avoid lengthy use involving repetitive tasks (such as typing and use of the touchpad).