Advanced College Project

About ACP

Advance College Project (ACP) is a dual-enrollment partnership between Indiana University and select high schools throughout Indiana and surrounding states. IU courses taught through the ACP program provide both high school and college credits (known as concurrent or dual enrollment) and allow students to fulfill high school graduation requirements as well as start building their college career. IU Courses are taught during the regular school day by certified high school teachers who hold adjunct lecturer status through IU. 

The ACP program is designed for high school juniors and seniors who desire more advanced academic work. ACP is not a gifted and talented program, but potential students should demonstrate a solid academic foundation and motivation to successfully earn college credits. The ACP program will engage students in college courses and help prepare them for future academic work.

As a prestigious research university respected throughout the country, IU is known for its quality education which applies to ACP program as well. IU credits earned through the ACP program will build the student's IU transcript. These credits are accepted and transferable to many public and private universities. The ACP program will jumpstart the student's academic career, however, student participation in ACP does not constitute automatic admission to IU.

ACP has a rich tradition educating high school students and preparing them for college. The program began in 1982 with six Indiana high schools enrolling 269 students. Currently, 550 certified ACP instructors will instruct IU college courses to more than 16,000 students in 170 high schools across four states. The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) is the accrediting body of ACP, which IU helped found in 1999.

Benefits of ACP

Benefits for Students:

  • Earn college credits while still in high school

  • An enriched and challenging curriculum that reduces the duplication between the last years of high school and the first years of college

  • Individualized instruction from teachers than might be possible from college professors

  • Confidence that derives from success in a college course

  • A cost of only $25 per credit or free for students who qualify financially

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Professional relationships with other ACP teachers and faculty

  • Professional development opportunities through IU

  • An allowance from ACP to purchase books and materials to assist in teaching the IU course

  • Access to various IU resources

Benefits for High Schools:

  • Curriculum coordination between the high school and IU

  • Partnership with an outstanding research and teaching university

  • Assistance from ACP with meeting state education guidelines