UC to Celebrate Homecoming in “Seuss-ical” Style

By Brad Hoggatt

On Friday, September 14, the Indians of Union City will host the Northeastern Knights for the school’s annual Homecoming Football Game, and the students at RESC will be celebrating all week with a lot of fantastic activities, planned for them by the UCJSHS Student Council. This year’s overall theme is sure to be a crowd pleaser- “Dr. Seuss.”

UCJSHS Student Council sponsor Kylee Hopkins shared some of this year’s dress up days for the school. “We wanted to include each student at RESC. With permission from Mr. Black at the high school and from Mr. Winkle at North Side, every student can share in the spirit of Homecoming.” Spirit days at RESC will start on Monday, September 10 with “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” Day- all students should wear their grades specified colors (this information has been shared with all classroom teachers to share with their students). On Tuesday, September 11, they will celebrate “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Day by wearing their favorite college apparel.

On Wednesday, September 12, the high schoolers will show their spirit by wearing their class’s Powder Puff shirts, while the students at North Side and in the Junior High are encouraged to wear school colors. That evening at 7 p.m., the community is invited to the football field to watch the annual Powder Puff Game. This tradition has been around for many years- the men of each class have the opportunity to be the coaches of their class’s team, while the ladies are the players!

Continuing with the activities on Thursday, the school will honor the book “Fox in Socks” by having crazy sock day. And finally, for Friday, September 14, North Siders are encouraged to wear their Iron Sharpens Iron shirts (or school colors) while the students at UCJSHS wear their school colors. The week-long Homecoming festivities will culminate with the annual parade, starting at 3:30 p.m., and football game with kickoff at 7 p.m. This year’s Grand Marshal for the Homecoming parade is UC graduate and biggest fan, Miss Randi Rose. Says Hopkins, “The selection for Grand Marshal was a no-brainer. We wanted someone with spirit, who loves Union City, and is known by everyone. It was an absolute must to have Randi in our parade!” Along with Rose, the parade will consist of the Homecoming candidates for King and Queen, as well as the floats constructed by the classes and their sponsors. This year, the Freshman Class will present “The Cat in the Hat” while the Sophomores share “Whoville.” The Juniors have chosen “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and the Seniors are taking on “The Lorax.” To view the parade, be sure to find a spot along it’s regular route- the parade will travel south on Walnut Street to Pearl, turning west. Once on Pearl Street, it will travel to Columbia Street, turning north up Columbia Street, through downtown Union City, until reaching Division Street. From there, it will travel east down Division, returning to the school.
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Box Tops for Education - “I scream, You scream, We ALL scream for… BOX TOPS!”

By Brad Hoggatt, Collection Coordinator

August is nearly complete- our first month of school is almost a memory! Where has the time gone? It has been a great start to our school year, and everyone seems rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to make 2018-2019 the best school year yet at North Side. As our school year begins, so does our efforts in collecting Box Tops.

Box Tops for Education is a fantastic opportunity allowing schools to help them raise some needed funds to support their students. Each Box Top collected awards the school with $.10. This might not seem like a fortune, but with everyone working together, we can bring in a lot of money by simply cutting out a tiny square of cardboard or plastic! Companies like General Mills, Kleenex, Ziploc, Yoplait, and Old El Paso (and many more) support the Box Tops for Education program. Please visit to find more companies who support it, as well as ways to earn extra Box Tops. You can also download the Box Tops Bonus app onto your phone to find ways to collect more (it is VERY easy to do and use, but it requires you to take photos of your receipt, and sometimes those receipts are rather long!). Finally, you can join the North Side Box Tops page on Facebook. Search for “@BoxTopsAtNorthSide” to find it!

This year’s theme is “I scream, You scream, We all scream for...BOX TOPS!” Each classroom at North Side will have their own “cone” outside of their classroom. Each Box Tops sheet completed and returned to the school will earn their class a “scoop” of ice cream. Prizes will be awarded for every 7th sheet turned in. The class at the end of the school year who’s collected the most sheets will be awarded a Grand Prize.

You can start sending Box Tops sheets in with your child after we return from Labor Day weekend. Please make sure you’ve attached each Box Top securely to the submission page in the spot they are needed (staples, glue sticks, or a strip of Scotch tape work best- rolled tape on the back of each Box Top does not work well). A collection sheet is coming home soon with your child. If you need more Box Tops sheets, you can pick them up in the North Side office or notify your child’s classroom teacher.

Be sure to invite your family, friends, neighbors, church friends, and our local businesses to help! The more Box Tops we can collect, the more money we can earn to benefit our students!

Thank you so much for supporting this program- we are looking forward to another banner year with Box Tops!
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RESC is “Leading The Way” with Innovative Program

By Brad Hoggatt
New Program at UC Allows for Hands-On Learning Opportunities

The start of a new school year always brings about exciting, new challenges for both students and staff in any school corporation. This is definitely true for everyone at Randolph Eastern, where the implementation of the student-empowering program, Project Lead The Way, is taking off.

At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, it was announced that the corporation received a Digital Learning Grant worth $75,000 that specified being used for Technology and STEM Education. The corporation’s Guiding Coalition, made up of teachers and administrators, was originally presented this opportunity and felt it was an absolute must do. In this day and age, every student must become acclimated to knowing and using technology appropriately and educationally while developing the necessary math, science, and engineering skills to be a productive citizen. Neal Adams, assistant principal at UCJSHS, having seen the benefits of Project Lead The Way (PLTW) first hand, encouraged the coalition to consider this opportunity as a way to best use these available finances, and the group agreed.

Once the news of receipt came to the school, and once the idea was pitched, it became evident that this was going to create some fantastic opportunities for all students at RESC, Kindergarten through 12th Grade. A team of teachers was created, one whose members were willing to participate in various training events throughout the summer and able to share this information with their colleagues. The RESC PLTW Team consists, from North Side, of Kerry Hinkle, Tammy Brouse, Clorinda Culy, Treva Gough, Lori Clevenger, Nate Cash, and Phil Lynch. The Jr High/ High School is being represented, currently, by Brooke Bissell, with plans to expand this team in the future.

Prior to any training, the mentioned team had to participate in roughly two hours of online coursework. Two hours may not seem like a large amount of time, but when you consider the work a teacher does during the day, coming up with a block of time that can be dedicated to this is difficult. Plus, with the work required, the two-hour block grew into a 3 to 4-hour block. Nonetheless, the team completed this work and was able to go through the mandatory training. Most elementary sessions were two-day events, while the jr. high/ high school sessions lasted a week. The teachers aren’t left alone upon completion of this training; instead, online support is available to them throughout the year, as lessons are taught and classroom experiences had.

What is PLTW?
**The following information is taken directly from the PLTW website. Please, visit for more information.**

Imagine a classroom filled with engaged students who are collaborating with classmates on solving real-world problems, like programming electronic devices or devising how to clean up an oil spill. Imagine a teacher supporting student inquiry and learning as a coach and facilitator, rather than a lecturer. Imagine an environment where students are disappointed to hear the bell ring because they are intent on solving a medical mystery. Imagine PreK-12 students who are already making a difference today and will go on to change the world tomorrow. This is what happens every day for PLTW students and teachers at every grade level across the U.S.

Through PLTW’ s activity-, project-, and problem-based curriculum, students in pre-kindergarten through high school engage in true-to-life challenges like programming apps to solve problems for clients, cleaning up oil spills, and proposing methods to prevent the spread of illness. As they lead their own explorations, students are empowered to connect their learning to the real world, develop in-demand skills, and reimagine their potential.

PLTW empowers educators to lead relevant, hands-on learning experiences through an activity-, project-, and problem-based (APB) instructional approach. Whether challenging students to create animations from short stories or design prosthetic devices, PLTW teachers transform the classroom into collaboration spaces where interdisciplinary learning comes to life. In addition, PLTW teachers receive unparalleled support and comprehensive classroom resources that help them focus their time and attention on what they do best: engaging and inspiring students.

What will PLTW Look Like at RESC?

In order to achieve success with this program, the teachers at RESC have decided to take small steps in hopes to ensure full information retention and participation. Each trained teacher will act as their grade’s facilitator, presenting the lessons and activities to all of the students. Nonetheless, PLTW will look very different throughout the corporation.

For example, for this school year, the students in kindergarten will be learning about the human body- bones, muscles, joints, etc. “The students will eventually be tasked with creating a cast for a broken arm that meets specific, given criteria”, says Kerry Hinkle, Kindergarten teacher. Clorinda Culy, 2nd Grade teacher, adds, “Second-grade students will be learning about states of matter. They will investigate and classify different kinds of materials. They will analyze data from the materials testing, then design an insulating cover for an ice pop to prevent melting.”

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will be learning from the Design and Modeling component. According to Brooke Bissell and Phil Lynch, “the students will learn the Design and Modeling process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. They are then challenged and empowered to use and apply what they’ve learned throughout the unit to design a therapeutic toy for a child who has cerebral palsy.”

The students at RESC are recognizing that hands-on learning can take on a real-world approach, and the teachers are thrilled that this opportunity has been given to them. This is a costly investment, each module that is purchased filled with supplies that will regularly need to be replaced. However, the corporation is behind this way of learning 100% and is anxious to see how it affects the future of Union City, the state of Indiana, and the country.

If you’d like more information on Project Lead The Way, you can visit or you can set up a time to see it in action at Randolph Eastern. North Side Elementary School and UCJSHS are two of only 650 schools in the state of Indiana (over 1900 schools exist) offering this opportunity to their students. Great things are certainly happening in Union City!
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Author, Margaret Peterson Haddix, visiting Grades 4-12

We're very excited to share that Margaret Peterson Haddix will be visiting RESC on Tuesday, October 16.

There are several fun opportunities planned for students in grades 4-12. Students in those grades are familiarizing themselves with Ms.Haddix's books. Some of her titles include: "Running Out of Time", "Children of Exile" (book 1 of series), "Under Their Skin" (book 1 of series), "House on the Gulf", "Among the Hidden" (book 1 of series), "Double Identity", and "Summer of Broken Things". In addition, Ms. Haddix has ALSO written the 10th book, "Into the Gauntlet" of the 39 Clues series (a GREAT series for tie-ins to history and geography).

The Randolph Eastern libraries have 41 of her titles for students to check out and read.

The day will conclude with an autograph/ photo session.
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Digital Citizenship Parent Night

Randolph Eastern is excited to host another Digital Citizenship Parent Night. Parents are invited to join the conversation as we talk about the upcoming eLearning days that are on our school calendar. What is eLearning? What happens on an eLearning day? What do parents need to know about eLearning days? How will my child know what to do? Join us on August 15 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. to discuss eLearning days at Randolph Eastern Schools.

Refreshments will be available. Childcare will be available.
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Randolph Eastern is a Common Sense District

Randolph Eastern has been recognized as a Common Sense District by Common Sense, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of digital media and technology.

Randolph Eastern has demonstrated its commitment to taking a whole-community approach to preparing its students to use the immense power of digital media to explore, create, connect, and learn, while limiting the perils that exist in the online realm, such as plagiarism, loss of privacy, and cyberbullying. The recognition acknowledges our district's commitment creating a culture of digital learning and citizenship. Common Sense applauds the faculty and staff of Randolph Eastern Schools for embracing digital citizenship as an important part of their students' education," said Liz Kline, VP, Education Programs, Common Sense Education. "Randolph Eastern deserves high praise for giving its students the foundational skills they need to compete and succeed in the 21st-century workplace and participate ethically in society at large."

Randolph Eastern has been using Common Sense Education's innovative and research-based digital citizenship resources, which were created in collaboration with Dr. Howard Gardner of the GoodPlay Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The resources teach students, educators, and parents tangible skills related to Internet safety, protecting online reputations and personal privacy, managing online relationships, and respecting creative copyright. The free resources are currently used in more than 90,000 classrooms nationwide.

"We're honored to be recognized as a Common Sense District," said Lisa Smith, Superintendent. "By preparing our students to use technology safely and responsibly, we are providing them unlimited opportunities to maximize and personalize their learning. We had 98% of our teaching staff become Common Sense Educators during this process and this accomplishment is a testament to their hard work and dedication to this cause." For more information about Randolph Eastern, go to To learn more about the criteria Randolph Eastern met to become recognized as a Common Sense District, visit
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Terrific Ten Banquet

The Terrific Ten dinner was held at the Randolph Eastern Cafetorium on Thursday, May 31st. This annual dinner honors the top ten seniors and their parents for a job well done. Each senior also choose a staff member to be honored. The staff member is one who has contributed to the student's success and can be either a current or former staff member.

Superintendent Lisa Smith presented each student with a plaque, and each student then presented the staff member with a plaque and explained to them why they have been chosen.

The following students and staff members were honored:

Student and chosen Staff member:
Paul Bailey, Jr.,    Mrs. Cheryl Van Camp
Justiss Cantu,    Mrs. Sarah Black
Emily Cline,     Mrs. Melissa Adelsperger
Keaton Collins,    Mr. Blake Clevenger
Kahlee Dowler,    Mr. Gary Zimmers
Connor Kerns,    Ms. Becky Kuehl
Ellie Kerns,    Mr. Aaron Black
Mackenzie Neeley,    Mr. Brad Hoggatt
Trevor Thompson,    Mr. Bruce Davison
Haley Whitesel,    Mrs. Heather Jefferis
Nalaina Whitesel,    Mrs. Shelley Wambo
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Class of 2018 - Local Scholarship Awards


Union City Junior-Senior High School held its Commencement Saturday afternoon, June 2nd, in the high school gymnasium. The class of 2018 graduated sixty-four students.

Scholarships, grants, military education benefits, etc. amounted to a total of $1,156,426 to further the education of the applicable graduates. This included $141,976 from one hundred local scholarships. The following graduates received scholarships at the Senior Reception on Thursday, May 31st.

Nalaina Whitesel is the valedictorian of Union City High School Class of 2018. She received the Perry Valedictorian Award and the Martha Goodman Scholarship. She plans to attend Indiana University East and major in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

Justiss Cantu is the salutatorian of Union City High School Class of 2018. She received the Lady Indian Basketball, Thomas E. Leahey Leadership Award by Student Council, and the Clyde & Sarah Alice Wise Scholarships. She plans to attend Indiana University and major in Political Science/Pre-Law.

Haley Addington received the VFW – Ladies Auxiliary, and the Class of 1970 Scholarships. She will be attending Ivy Tech Community College in Richmond.

Paul Bailey Jr. received the Randy Players, Class of 1983, Wanda Mann, and John D. Wilson Scholarships. He plans to attend Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Maci Beam received the Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship. She will be attending Indiana University East.

James (Wes) Botkin received the Norman “Red” Young Memorial, PTO, Mark Welch Memorial, Delta Theta Tau-Lambda Chapter, Russell & Dorothy Webb Memorial, and Randolph County Ag Days Scholarships. He will be attending Ivy Tech Community College in Richmond.

Kelsie Burton received the FFA Alumni, VFW Ladies Auxiliary, Harry & June Loy, and American Legion Scholarships. She plans to attend Ivy Tech Community College in Muncie.

Emily Cline received the New Lisbon Christian Church, PTO, Melissa D. “Missy” Lee Memorial, Wanda Mann, UC Athletic Boosters, and Randolph Eastern Classroom Teachers Association Memorial Scholarships. She will be attending Anderson University.

Keaton Collins received the Class of 1983, Alumni, and the David L. & Carol F. Young Character Scholarship Award. He plans to attend Ball State University.

Cody Crawford received the Steve Hinshaw Humanitarian Award and Class of 1983 Scholarships. He will be attending Texas A & M University on an Army ROTC Scholarship and upon graduation will enter the U.S. Army.

Kahlee Dowler received the Lady Indian Basketball, PTO, Alumni, Lawrence Family, UC Athletic Boosters, St. Vincent Randolph Hospital Auxiliary, and Claudia Wise Scholarships. She plans to attend Indiana University East.

Kyle Fenton received the Class of 1983, Kellie Stephen & Dave Furby Memorial, and John D. Wilson Scholarships. He will be attending Indiana University East.

Macy Gray received the Harry & June Loy Scholarship. She plans to attend Ivy Tech Community College.

DaKota Hanaway received the VFW - Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship. He will be enlisting in the National Guard and then attending college.

Max Harris received the Ward Township Fireman’s Auxiliary Scholarship. He plans to attend Indiana University East.

Chase Jefferis received Carl C. Keller & Virginia Whitman Keller and Kathy Harshman Leverenz Scholarships. He will be attending Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Connor Kerns received the Lady Indian Basketball, Class of 1983, Lawrence Family, Tri Kappa, James Moorman, and Edith Winn Scholarships. He plans to attend Purdue University.

Ellie Kerns received the Lady Indian Basketball, Sigma Phi Gamma, PTO, Class of 1983, Lawrence Family, Jason Rickert Memorial, UC Athletic Boosters, and Tri Kappa - Margaret Turner Memorial Scholarships. She will be attending Purdue University after enlisting and completing training with the National Guard.

Gabriel Loesch received the Lawrence Family, UC Athletic Boosters, Bill & Mary Lou Fulk Memorial, and Trinity Lutheran Church Scholarships. He plans to attend Ball State University.

Cassandra Martin received the Alumni, Duane E. & Ruby M. Wickersham Memorial, and Lykins Family Foundation Entrepreneur Scholarships. She will be attending Ball State University.

Christian Mills received the Alumni, Lawrence Family, Rotary Club Citizenship Award, and John D. Wilson Scholarships. He plans to attend Indiana University East.

Rawlin Mills received the Tony Puccini Memorial and Class of 1983 Scholarships. He will be attending Purdue University while continuing his service with the Indiana National Guard.

Mackenzie Neeley received the Alumni – Gertrude Brady Memorial, Dellarose Sickels, John D. Wilson, and Trinity Lutheran Church Scholarships. She plans to attend Ball State University.

Kyler Purdin received the Gene & Roberta Bennett, and Randolph Eastern Classroom Teachers Association Memorial Scholarships. He will be attending Indiana University East.

Trevor Spence received the Class of 1983, Lawrence Family, Stephen Family, Doris Mendenhall Memorial, Boston Store – Rotary, and John D. Wilson Scholarships. He will be attending Ball State University.

Audrey Sullenbarger received the Delta Theta Tau – Myrtle M. Adelsperger Memorial Scholarship. She plans to attend the University of Southern Indiana.

Trevor Thompson received the National Honor Society Member, VFW Ladies Auxiliary, Lawrence Family, UC Athletic Boosters, and Gloria Godfrey-Larry Wasson Scholarships. He will be attending the University of Southern Illinois.

Dawson Thornburg received the Alumni, and St. Vincent Randolph Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships. He plans to attend Ball State University.

James (Cameron) Vincent received the National Honor Society Make a Difference, PTO, Class of 1970, VFW – Ron Moore Memorial, and John D. Wilson Scholarships. He will be attending Ball State University.

Breann Ward received the Alumni – Dellarose Sickels Memorial Scholarship. She is attending Indiana University East.

Haley Whitesel received the Chet Mock Memorial, and the Adelsperger Family Endowment Scholarships. She plans to attend Ball State University.
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UCJSHS Perfect Attendance


2017-2018 School Year Perfect Attendance



FRESHMEN – Ryan Armantrout


JUNIORS – Emma Brewer, Corey Whitesel


2nd Semester Perfect Attendance

SEVENTH GRADE – Jude Connor, Brandon Courtney, Payten Dye

EIGHTH GRADE – Makenna Allen, James Bercaw, Mark Brown, Trinity Buck, Adrian Corona-Lara, Tanner Mangas, Nathan Ruiz, Kali Strait

FRESHMEN – Ryan Armantrout

SOPHOMORES – Luzmaria Corona Lara

JUNIORS – Emma Brewer, Peyton Doughty, Madison Fischer, Corey Whitesel


4th 9-weeks Perfect Attendance

SEVENTH GRADE – Nautica Buck, Jude Connor, Brandon Courtney, Anika Crowder, Malea Dean, Payten Dye, LaTosha Hunt, Raquel Jasso, Emeren Lopez-Mariscal, Elly O’Connor, Alenna Ortiz, Aidan Reichard

EIGHTH GRADE – Makenna Allen, James Bercaw, Mark Brown, Trinity Buck, Adrian Corona-Lara, Katherine Elliott, Lucan Gerstner, Braydon Hoggatt, Tanner Mangas, Yazmin Mendez, Dillon Mills, Tyler Moyer-Mikesell, Hannah Phillips, Carlee Rismiller, Joaquin Rodriguez, Nathan Ruiz, Domronglit Shinaver, Kali Strait, Jordan Walser

FRESHMEN – Ryan Armantrout, Sergio Banda-Duque, Treyden Dye, Ian Glunt, Jose Lara, Alexandria Partin, Michael Vore

SOPHOMORES – David Bowers, Grace Collins, Luzmaria Corona Lara, Madisyn Cox, Kaytlyn Davis, Shelby King, Vincent Pierce, Morgan Wymer

JUNIORS – Kortany Bercaw, Emma Brewer, Juan Burgos Jr, Acacia Clemons, Peyton Doughty, Matthew Fenton, Madison Fischer, Britney Kniesly, Corey Whitesel

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UCJSHS Honor Roll for 2nd Semester

Congratulations to the following students for earning Honor Roll during the second semester:

SENIOR ALL A’S – Justiss Cantu, Emily Cline, Keaton Collins, Kahlee Dowler, Ellie Kerns, Mackenzie Neeley, Kyler Purdin, Haley Whitesel, and Nalaina Whitesel.

JUNIOR ALL A’S – Jacob Curry, Madison Fischer, Reagan Hoggatt, Sophia Spence, and Courtney Whitesel.

SOPHOMORE ALL A’S – Grace Collins, Luzmaria Corona Lara, Evelyn Downey, Heidi Livingston, Mya Maloy, Katie Reichard, Derick Williams, and Morgan Wymer.

FRESHMEN ALL A’s – Ryan Armantrout, Savannah Brewer, Kyle Buckingham, Madison Garrett, Ian Glunt, Collin Perry, Taylor Rains, Hunter Reagan, Erik Terriquez, Michael Vore, and Chloe Wyatt.

8th GRADE ALL A’s – Hannah Fischer, Braydon Hoggatt, Carlee Rismiller, Andrea Sanders, and Christina Sowinski.

7th GRADE All A’s – Parker Abel, Jude Connor, Sylaris Denney, Landen Dickmann, Emily Evans, Gabriela Gonzalez-Neels, Parker Kerns, and Elly O’Connor.

SENIOR A’S & B’S – Paul Bailey, Joseth Barlow, Zach Bradbury, Kelsie Burton, Cody Crawford, Connor Kerns, Rawlin Mills, Trevor Thompson, and Dawson Thornburg.

JUNIOR A’S & B’S – Emalee Bocanegra, Mya Carpenter, Maria Casillas-Romero, Joshua Crawford, Abigail Crowder, Peyton Jenkinson, Cameron Luster, Rachel New, Sydney Ralston, Jeffrey Thornton, Madison Tye-Jones, and Corey Whitesel.

SOPHOMORE A’S & B’S – Tony Abel, David Bowers, John Carpenter, Jacob Connor, Kaytlyn Davis, Paula Gallegos, Mackenzie Green, Mikayla Green, Shelby King, Sarah Neighbors, Emily O’Connor, Vincent Pierce, Tanner Spence, Bryten Stewart, and Spencer Thomas.

FRESHMEN A’S & B’S – Gabriel Addington, Areli Banda, Yareni Banda, Jodi Carpenter, Mackenzie Charles, Hunter Clay, Xavier Killian, Brook Kniesly, ShyAnne Mays, Alexandria Partin, and Tabius Reagan.

8th GRADE A’s & B’s – Peyton Bogue, Mariah Claywell, Ava Coffey, Katherine Elliott, Emily Livingston, Grace Lutz, Skylie Lutz, Angie Osornio-Machuca, Kali Strait, and Brenden Wright.

7th GRADE A’s & B’s – Madeline Burns, Brandon Courtney, Malea Dean, Erika Grimes, Makenzi Jeronimo, Emeren Lopez-Mariscal, Evan Mann, Caroline Moore, Ana Palacious Ochoa, and Whitney Sells.
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